Autolux PVC Flooring

Supported PVC flooring for transport "Avtolux" is a material, developed in association with the world-leading manufacturers of flooring.


Avtolux possesses a complex multilayer structure, including the following layers:

  • Abrasive layer, preventing from sliding and guaranteeing high level of flooring endurability;
  • Glass-fiber reinforced layer preventing from deformation and shrinkage of the material while in operation;
  • ground PVC layer;
  • base layer on non-woven or secondary cellulose backing;

"Avtolux" is not only excellent mechanical properties, but also highly esthetical appearance thanks to metal enclosed particles.

"Velam-Rus" guarantees our customers exclusive quality of PVC flooring of this type, reached by using contemporary manufacturing technologies and innovative equipment. Following the principles of client-centeredness our specialists are ready to ofer you the services on nest-pattern cutting Avtolux PVC flooring according to the required shapes.

Technical characteristics:


Width: 1.12(1.20/1.50)

Thickness: 2,3 mm.*

** - These parameters are not final. Especially for you we can manufacture PVC flooring of the needed thickness and width.


Characteristics title

Test results

Abrasion resistance, mcr, no more


Permanent residual deformation, mm, no more


Linear dimensions change, %, no more


Frost resistance



Cohesion degree between the PVC layer and the backing, N/m2