Auto PVC Flooring

Supported PVC floor covering for transport "Avto" is a perfect flooring for city buses, trams, trolleys, coaches, trains and other means of public transport.

Its indisputable advantages are practicability and comparatively low price for the product.  "Velam-Rus" guarantees our customers exclusive quality of PVC flooring of this type, reached by using contemporary manufacturing technologies and innovative equipment.

Following the principles of client-centeredness our specialists are ready to ofer you the services on nest-pattern cutting Avto PVC flooring according to the required shapes.


Technical characteristics:


Black or grey material with coin-type embossment

Width: 1,1 to 2,0 m*

Thickness: 2,0 mm, 2,7 mm.*

** - These parameters are not final. Especially for you we can manufacture PVC flooring of the needed thickness and width.


Our produce is certified by govermental bodies of Russian Federation.