"Velam-Rus" manufacturing enetrprise is ready to serve as a contractor for the give-and-take basis customers in a number of services:

  1. Latex and adhesive layer application

Our company is ready to apply latex and adhesive layer to various engineering materials. Our equipment is capable of applying latex and adhesive layer on paper, fabrics, felts, PPU materials, foamed materials, tapes and other rolled materials.

  1. Nesting pattern

The automatic cutting complex accompanied by the digital belt-moving system allows to cut nest-patterned fabrics of different shapes, cut out holes of various diameters. The possibility of simalteneous cutting several layers of fabrics after vacuuming ensures high productivity and as a resuls low cost of works. The materials eligible for nest-pattern: paper, fabrics, plastic, foamed materials, PVC-materials, magnets sheets, foils, etc. We can render the nest-patterning service for sewing industry, furniture industry, automotive industry, construction industry, etc.

  1. Punching

Direct pressure devices and grinding roller tables perform punching out the parts made of carton, fabrics, felts, foamed materials, PVC, etc. Tooling is developed in accordance with the customers' drawings, thus the parts of the needed shape are punched out. It's possible to make punching, perforation, joint forming, and blind (cold) embossment.

  1. Kiss-cutting

Our nibbling machine is equipped with units for adhesive application and kiss-cutting what makes it possible to perform several operations simultaneously, and results in a rolled material with pressure-sensitive kiss-cut parts. The materials eligible for kiss-cutting: paper, fabrics, felts, plastic, foamed materials, PVC-materials, plastic, EPDM, magnets sheets, foils, etc. We are ready to assist you in producing labels for your business, as well as pressure-sensitive kiss-cut parts as constituents for technique, furniture, doors and windows, automotive industy.

  1. Stiching

We are able to provide the service in stitching the constituents of clothes, household fabrics, buiding elements, technical and medicine textile.

  1. Shipping operations

Forwarding company "Transport Services" being a member of "Velam-Rus" group of companies is happy to offer you the best solutions for your business in the field of motor freight transportation.
"Transport Services" is a young, rapidly developing company, which has created an effective and highly convenient system of business transport service.
Well-trained and highly-qualified specialists of our company are glad to offer you a full range of forwarding services over Russia, including: - Developing the optimized journey route; - Choosing the most convenient transport vehicle, taking into account the characteristics of the cargo; - Monitoring the cargo from the moment it is shipped to the moment of arrival to the place of destination; - Insurance of the cargo.
Having access to a huge car park of various loadability, we are ready to offer you the forwarding services of all kinds, starting with forwarding light cargoes within the city up to getting big-size cargoes to the far corners of the country.
Cooperation with "Transport Services" is:
Outstanding quality of service: we guarantee our clients maximum efficiency of cargo delivery, as well as its safety on the way.
Flexible rate card system: following the client-oriented approach, we keep to the policy of flexible transportation costs. We are always open to discuss our rates. You may be sure, that we'll be able to make a proposal, for your company in particular!
- Responsibility and conscientious fulfillment of obligations: working with "Transport Services" you can be sure, that your load well-handled.
- High level of professionalism of our employees. Our specialists are always glad to consult you on any question, as well as to offer you the best solution in forwarding field.

Trustful long-term partner relations: we don't strive for one-time inquiries, our aim is to establish stable, long-term and mutually-beneficial cooperation based on trust and compromise.